About Us

Meet Chef Tatsu


Chef Tatsu started his culinary career as a young man in Japan where he mastered the art of French cuisine.  In his early 20's he moved to Chicago and continued perfecting French cuisine.  His dream was to one day own his own restaurant. In 1980 that dream came true when he moved to Prairie Village and opened Tatsu’s French restaurant. Customers hungered for more and the small pastry shop quickly expanded into a full restaurant serving lunch and dinner. 

Private Dining


Tatsu’s French Restaurant has an elegant private dining area  with seating available for up to 40 people.  The venue is  perfect for corporate gatherings, wedding rehearsal  dinners, and other group gatherings. Call us today to reserve to plan your next gathering!

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Our History


One of Kansas City's favorite and most enduring restaurants is quietly tucked away in the suburb of Prairie Village. Tatsu's French Restaurant has been pleasing patrons for more than 39 years, providing elegant and masterful interpretations of French cuisine in a relaxed and intimate setting.  French classics such as the Grand Marnier Souffle, Beef Bourguignon, Saumon Poche/Meuniere, Escalope de Veau au Citron, and a delicious Pureed Carrot Soup grace the menu. The house salad dressing and teriyaki sauce are such customer favorites that for years they have been available to take home from the restaurant.